Horizon Laminate Lightweight Belt

Flimmuur and British Tactical kit undergo vigorous evaluation with specialist end-users and teams.  The following review has kindly been submitted, detailing our Horizon Laminate Lightweight Belt.  Note: the provided sample has the optional upgrade: Cobra D ring tubular webbing belt, for those who require that capability. 

I received the HL shooters belt as part of a kit trial at the beginning of the year. On first impressions I was really impressed with how lightweight it is, especially considering mine came fitted with load rated webbing and mini cobra buckle with D ring. The materials all seem extremely high quality and the stitching is superb. The build quality and material is on par or better than companies who charge far more for a similar product.

Having used the belt extensively over the last few months, both on live ranges, in the skills house and on various land and maritime exercises for hours at a time I can testify to the reliability and comfort of it as you barely notice you’re wearing it, even when fully loaded (with the sort of equipment you’d expect to mount on a shooters belt).
In terms of mounting of pouches the laser cut laminate material is easy to mount molle pouches on and provides a stable mounting platform due to the lightweight thermoplastic inner material. I have also got a True North Concepts MHA mounted through the molle on the belt and it holds it securely with no sign of damage or wear to the material.
Aesthetically (because looking ally matters) this belt looks the part, it’s sleek and modern looking and has a contoured design for a more anatomical fit.
The inner belt provided is comfortable, easy to adjust and the connection between inner and outer belt is strong and secure.

Overall this belt is a fantastic product, especially when you compare the price of it with other belts on the market, coming in at a lower price, with more features, lighter weight and arguably better materials than a lot of competitors products.